day to day upcycle living

Day to Day Upcycle Living

Instead of just upcycling in January for a New Years resolution, try day to day upcycle living. Come the new year, most people, myself included, want to do better, look better, and feel better.  But a week or two into it, we forget or fall short. We can achieve day to day upcycle living any time of the year, starting now.

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upcycled junk sign 2

Upcycled Junk Sign

I wanted to share a few of my favorite upcycled Valentine decorations along with an upcycled junk sign that’s in my book, Think Outside the Cardboard Box, you can check out that post here. I didn’t get around to doing any Valentine projects this year, but I have a few past posts that I’d thought I’d revisit. First, this upcycled junk sign was a really fun project.  Finding old and unused tools at antique shops and at the Restore was like rust heaven. I made the flower for…

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Viral Upcycle Therapy

Curious About Upcycle Therapy?

There are many forms of therapy.  Physical therapy, recreation therapy, art therapy and music therapy just to name a few. Are you curious about upcycle therapy? 

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buying used home decor

Home Decor you Should and Shouldn’t Buy Used

Buying used decor can sometimes be a little intimidating if you don’t know what to look for. Let me help you decide what type of home decor you should and shouldn’t buy used. Buying used decor is a essential for living an upcycle life.  It is a false assumption that in order to surround ourselves with quality material or beautiful items, we must buy new.

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upcycling infographic 3

Upcycling Infographic Explaining the Upcycle Life

I have exciting news for you readers today!  Not only am I sharing this upcycling infographic explaining the upcycle life, but I’m giving you my ebook for free. Yes, you read it correct!  FREE!!  My upcycling e-book, Think Outside the Cardboard Box will be available for a very short time for absolutely free. I have a special place in my heart for you subscribers and the occasional reader.  I go through my subscriber list regularly to weed out the ones who do not read or open my emails.  I’m here…

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picture cover

Think Outside the Cardboard Box – an upcycling ebook

I’m so thrilled to finally announce that I published my e-book!  Think Outside the Cardboard Box – an upcycling ebook that was a long time coming. I wrote the book over a year ago. Yes, it has taken over a year to produce projects and edit the ebook. As I mentioned in my last post, life happens. First and foremost, I’m a full time Mom and Wife. However, there have been plenty of days when my family was overly patient with me. I, on the…

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Vintage Inspired Decorative wooden sled 3.0

Vintage Inspired Decorative Wooden Sled

In the Christmas spirit, I turned a thrift store find into a vintage inspired decorative wooden sled, or sleigh, whichever you prefer. For so long, I had this mantra, that buying new to achieve a vintage or antique look was totally ridiculous.  But, if I’m being real, I can rarely afford to buy antiques. But what I can afford and feel good about

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upcycle sweaters into christmas stockings 1

Upcycled Christmas Stockings Out Of Old Sweaters

Looking to update your holiday goody bags?  Upcycle Christmas stockings out of old sweaters. If you’re trying to get rid of an old sweater, this is a great way to reuse it.  If not, check out your local thrift store and buy a couple of sweaters with your favorite patterns or colors.

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