painting over laminate counters 9.6

Marble Painting over Laminate Counters

Not only is marble painting over laminate counters frugal, it’s eco-friendly as well.  Faux marble painting is a terrific option for a high end look if you have low budget for updating your kitchen counters. If you read this post, you know we are selling our house.  I only wish I had updated our kitchen years ago.  This was extremely inexpensive, so it really only cost me some time. I also added new cabinet bar pulls I purchased from Houzz, you can also get them here. (affiliate link) I was inspired by Tasha’s (Designer…

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cleaning hacks at Viral Upcycle

2 Step Natural Cleaning Hacks and Tips for Every Room

These 2 step natural cleaning hacks and tips for every room are not only effective, but they are simple and eco-friendly. The few important basic products you need to simply clean, is baking soda, vinegar, lemon, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, newspaper, used dryer sheets, old socks and essential oils.

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spring is time to sell your house

Spring is the time to sell your home

We’ve been told that Spring is the time to sell your home.  It’s not too hot or cold, so it makes house hunting and moving bearable.  Also most families want to find a house closer to the summer, so that don’t have to pull their children from their current schools.

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upcycled baby wipe boxes 1

Upcycled Baby Wipe Boxes

I’m sharing upcycled baby wipe boxes today, from various sources.  I had no idea how popular it was making these into something new or repurposed. Before Pinterest was booming, I used to recreate these for my son.  We would make treasure trunks out of them, or anything else we decided to do, like sticker boxes and little toy containers. I haven’t quite gotten to that stage with my daughter, just because she’s just growing out of the toddler phase.  However, I would love to make a small…

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Upcycled Sensory Board - Viral Upcycle

Upcycled Sensory Board

If you know a little about my background, you probably would guess that I have a passion for therapeutic fun!  I made my daughter an upcycled sensory board for just this occasion. Boards like these are essential therapy tools for people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities.  You may know that Alzheimer’s patients and people in the Autism spectrums use sensory boards for help with activities of daily living. It’s no secret that they help!  And they help toddlers, who are curious about everything, to explore.…

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kitchen stool into a table .01

Kitchen Stool into a Table with Gears in Mind

Want to make a kitchen stool into a table?  Well, I have just the tutorial for you.  I wanted to turn this garage sell purchased kitchen stool into a table with gears in mind.

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upcycled outdoor buffet

Upcycled Outdoor Buffet Table

Are you ready to grill now that it’s warming up?  If you want to entertain in style but don’t have a bbq table, look no further than this upcycled outdoor buffet table. My friend Karla over at Small Town Rambler redid an old butcher table that belonged to her grandfather.  Might I add, her grandfather and grandmother had great taste!  Not only does she love the story behind it, but I think you will too.

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Choose save tuesday Upcycled Features

Choose Save Tuesday Upcycled Features

Hi Friends, Choose Save Tuesday Upcycled Features is now open for single submissions. Just submit your link to your favorite upcycled project and I’ll feature it here on Viral Upcycle / Choose Save Tuesday. One new entry every week will be featured!

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